Proportion of flats under Married Child Priority Scheme cannot be increased, says MND

The Government allots a significant percentage of flats– as many as one-third related to new flats found in matured community– for the Married Child Priority Scheme, shared the Ministry of National Development in Parliament on Tuesday 27 Jul.

The ministry is aware of the emphasis concerning assisting the needs concerning married children and moms and dads that hope to reside with or near to each other for respective care and also support.

” MCPS provides priority to family groups buying new Housing and Development Board apartments to lodge with or close-by their moms and dads or married youngsters. Within the MCPS, Thirty% of the latest apartment inventory in the mature neighbourhood is set aside for first-timer families. Intended for 2nd timer family units, it’s 3%,” MND claimed.

Other than Married Child Priority Scheme, the Govt has actually furthermore implemented some other systems targeted at supporting mutual care as well as assistance within family units. These feature the MGPS, SPS and 3Gen flats.

” In our restricted flat number, we will also need to comply with the property demands of various other grps of SGPreans, involving first-timer families with children by means of the Parenthood Priority Scheme, and family units with three or more youngsters via the TCPS,” reported Ministry of National Development.

” Hence, we will be unable to amplify the volume of flats reserved within the MCPS at this instant.”

The Avenir condominium

By having this, the ministry advised flat shoppers who desire to reside with or close to their moms and dads or kids to consider obtaining a secondhand flat, furthermore get the PHG of around $Thirty thousand.

The ministry drafted the report in answer to Member of Parliament Tin Pei Ling’s concern on whether or not the percentage pertaining to flats underneath Married Child Priority Scheme could be escalated for Build-To-Order projects in matured neighbourhood.

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